Matterport – Growth in Suppliers Creating Standard Differences

As Matterport grows in popularity around the world, more individuals and businesses are looking at this technology for a new business venture or to incorporate into an existing service. Like any new piece of technology, things take time to get to grips with and to understand their capabilities.  As more VR tours are coming to the public eye, businesses can’t afford to have a poorly created tour as they will stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons!

View It 360 have been producing Matterport tours since the Autumn of 2016, at a time when the technology was just immerging in the UK.  To date we have created over 600 models across the UK and overseas, making us one of Matterport’s leading tour providers, and in our opinion offering the most fluid and professional tours of any provider.

As our business has grown so too has the scale of our tours.  For example, a typical 4-bedroom house would take approximately an hour and a half to scan, with 65 – 75 scan points.  We are now scanning large business premises across the UK which typically range from 600 – 800 scan points with an average of two days of scanning and we have just finished scanning what we understand to be the largest Matterport tour in the UK which took a staggering five days to scan with 1,496 scan points – Wow!

Regardless of the size of the building, our ethos and standards have never dropped. If you are thinking of asking a provider to produce a VR tour of your business or premises, we would suggest you ask the following;

  • Ask for examples of their work and ensure they have produced similar size tours. It is worth noting that some providers are using tours from other providers on their website so ensure it is their own work and that they’re not piggy backing on the hard work of someone else!
  • Ask what scanner they have? Matterport now have two scanners – the Pro and Pro 2. The Pro 2 is the latest scanner and therefore more powerful with 4K resolution and also offering the ability to produce 4K still imagery.
  • Do they offer any additional services with the tours? We have made it our mission to improve the marketing of the tours and offer bespoke marketing solutions which we are yet to see from any other provider.

Another pointer when researching providers is to view their portfolio and get a feel to how they flow and look.  We often see tours that are poorly thought through with lazy editing, resulting in a tour that has no transitional flow from one point to another and is visually messy.   It’s key to look out for the following pitfalls:

  • Poorly edited scan points. To ensure a smooth flowing tour, scan points should be positioned and edited for the users benefit.
  • Whenever possible we will position our scanner to avoid being caught in the reflection of a shiny surface or mirror.  We are amazed at scanner operators who stand behind the scanner and don’t think about their reflection in a window, picture or mirror.
  • Lack of information tags. Information tags can add increased value to your tour, driving direct bookings and visits to relevant webpages.  Engaging information tags will retain users’ interest for longer.
  • A poor doll’s house view. A clean doll’s house view comes from scanning all aspects of the building and although direct sun light can create issues, 95% of the time we overcome this through careful planning and using additional tools.
  • Moving objects.  It is key that once scanning has started, objects, doors and people don’t move within the space being scanned.  Likewise, if a project requires scanning over a few days, planning is key to ensure continuity of surroundings resulting in a sleek finished tour.  We recently saw a tour that looked like they had a poltergeist with objects moving from one place to another!

Remember, not all providers are the same; they may use the same piece of equipment but not all of them get the most from it.

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