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Our Director, Noel Sexton, started the business in 2016 initially working with the property sector. He soon saw how virtual tours could be used across multiple sectors, for a variety of different purposes and set about growing the business. The team soon expanded to include Chris, our creative media manager and Nikki who deals with the accounts and property virtual tours. We also have a team of CGI artists and work with a number of partners to provide even more.

We don’t just offer ‘off the shelf’ media products. Each and every one of our projects is individually created to meet the client’s needs and budget, ensuring their investments convert into tangible enquiries and income. Our products and services are ever evolving and moving with new technologies, making us one of the market leaders in interactive media.


As of January 2023 we are committed to off-setting our carbon emissions by planting trees with Carbon Footprint.

As we cover the UK and occasional trips further afield, we are fully aware that this will impact the environment regardless of the transport used.

Our emissions have been calculated at 20 tonnes of carbon per year, therefore we have pledged to plant 2 trees every month through the VCS Tree Buddying Programme.


We are extremely proud to provide charities across the UK with a donated virtual reality tour or discounts on more complex projects. This initially started when we supported a local Air Ambulance Trust and since then, we have produced virtual tours for charities including Force Cancer Charity, a number of hospices, and the Lee Rigby Foundation. We have also recently funded a couple of VR headsets and created a virtual tour for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.


If your charity feels it would benefit from one of our immersive VR tours then all you need to do is fill in our contact form with your details and your charity registration number.

If successful, we will then place your charity into the next available month. If of course you would like a tour provided within a specific month or prior to our next available date then we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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